Proceedings of the international conference.
Russia, Moscow, 27-28 September 2013.
This compilation includes the proceedings of the international conference «Architecture, building design: design, materials, equipment, technologies of XXI century», held in Russia, Moscow, 27-28 September 2013. The main objective of the conference — the development of the community of scholars and practitioners in the field of construction and architecture. The conference brought together scholars and practitioners from Serbia and Russia.

ISBN 978-5-906223-64-7

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1. Water in defining ecourbarchitectural space 4-19
2. Energy in the workspace 20-27
3. Airport design and planning, case study terminal 4 Barajas airport in Madrid 28-41
4. Toward the analysis of the form of Orthodox churches interior space 42-48
5. The role of local level in activating brownfield sites — the case of electronics industry in the city of Nis in Serbia 49-57
6. Forms of architectural structures inspired by nature 58-67
7. Kindergarten as a space for develop 68-78
8. Analysis of architectural forms of university campuses 79-91
9. Способ создания микроклимата в зданиях и сооружениях за счет рекуперации тепловой энергии 92-96