Сборник материалов международной научной конференции.
Czech Republic, Prague, 18-20 February 2013.
Сборник включает в себя материалы ежегодной международной научной конференции «Экономика, организация и управление предприятиями, отраслями, комплексами в условиях рынка: методы, механизмы, инструменты и технологии», состоявшейся в Чехия, г. Праге 18-20 февраля 2013 г. Главная цель конференции – развитие содружества ученых и практиков в сфере экономики. В работе конференции приняли участие ученые и практики из России, Татарстан, Башкортостан, Удмуртской республики, Казахстана, Украины.

ISBN 978-5-906223-09-8

1. The development scenarios of the Russian automotive industry on the verge of the next technological revolution 12-23
2. Investment process: analysis of barrier and restrictive factors 24-30
3. Some features of the organization of management of the the professional development of the the heads of educational institutions in a district educational system 31-34
4. Assessment criteria of the company’s project activity 35-37
5. Accounting-and-information support of economic entity activity management process 38-44
6. Governmental control as a component of mechanism of the public-private partnerships project’s implementation in Russian Federation 45-51
7. Protectionism in the system of the World Trade Organization 52-55
8. Тourism cluster development prospects on regional aspect in Кazakhstan 56-62
9. Growth of competitiveness of engineering production of Russian Federation due to joining WTO 63-67
10. Innovations development problems of enterprises of Russian Federation 68-71
11. Infrastructure of the Funding Sources’ Development System 72-76
12. Realization of Insurance Institution in Russian Renovating Economy 77-83
13. Specialist degree and Baccalaureate + Magistracy. Advantages and disadvantages 83-88
14. Investment policy as a factor of region development 89-92
15. Institutional aspects of entrepreneurship 93-97
16. Philosophical and profit-making significance of international financial reporting standards (IFRS) for owners of the capital 98-101
17. State regulation of the priority directions of economic development of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — Yugra 102-105
18. Concept of «Social Capital of territory» 106-110
19. Economic Development of a Region 111-116
20. Effective Application of Regional Property 117-122
21. New priorities of the economic policy of Kazakhstan 123-131
22. Economic organizational mechanism of business process management 132-136
23. The basic economic models of fiscal federalism in the world and Russia 137-145
24. Effective Management of Industrial Enterprise as Basis of Regional Economic Development 146-151
25. Operational risk of electronic money systems: causes, types and effects 152-155
26. Independent Evaluation of Government Programs – a Tool to Ensure Transparency and Accountability of State Administration. Experience of Kazakhstan 156-164
27. Theoretical Model Motivation Of Engineers 165-172
28. Particular features of innovative management in oil and gas complex of Russia 173-180
29. Innovation potential evaluation of Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy technology 181-188
30. Modeling territory of sustainable development: problems of economic growth 189-192
31. Mergers and acquisitions in the Ukrainian market 193-196
32. Improving analysis and planning сase study Case study agricultural production co-operative “Zayralsky” 197-205
33. Indicative planning as a form of microeconomical development’s state planning 206-210
34. The main ideas and content of Balanced Scorecard 211-215
35. Clusters` transformation of a regional flax complex (on the example of Vologda region) 222-225
36. Innovative methods of improvement of activity of the enterprise 226-233
37. Conceptual model of a sustainable development of the region agrarian sector 234-242
38. Project Finance as a factor of growth of investment activity 243-249
39. Planinng of marketing activities 250-255
40. Administrative mechanisms of municipal development in the region 256-258
41. Innovative potential of region clusters 259-263
42. The methodological basis for evaluating the development of the housing Fund of a large city (on example of Vladivostok) 264-268
43. The experience of the Accounts Chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan on formation of the integrated system of state and municipal financial control, carrying out the performance audit 269-272
44. Main tendencies of innovative development in the economy of the Krasnoyarsk territory 273-280
45. The role of innovative strategy of clusters for regional and national competitiveness 281-284
46. New going near the analysis of capital structure for and to her influence on the competitiveness of enterprise 285-288
47. Applicability analysis of current methods for calculation of financial indicators of investment business planning 289-291
48. Modern approaches to the definition of the resource potential in the regions of the network of commercial banks 292-296
49. Management system of certification bodies as a tool for meeting the requirements for modern accreditation system of the Russian Federation 297-301
50. Problems of activating innovative scientific activities with the agricultural industry and their solutions in the Russian regions 302-310
51. Improvement of programming of social and economic development of territories based on a quantitative assessment of quality of the created and consumed goods 311-315
52. Risks and threats for modernization of agricultural economics in the North of Russia to WTO 316-322