Proceedings of the International Conference.
Munich, Germany, 8-10 July 2013
This collection includes materials of the international scientific conference «Formation mechanisms for the sustainable economic development of industries, facilities, businesses,» held in Munich, 8-10 July 2013. The main objective of the conference — the development of the community of scholars and practitioners in the field of economics and management. The conference brought together scholars and practitioners from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan.

ISBN 978-5-906223-43-2

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1. Methods credit assessment of borrowers 8-13
2. Comparison of the development of banking systems in the USA and Russia in crises 14-17
3. Management of Territory’ Socioeconomic Development 18-23
4. Neosourcing as a new means of effectiveness increase of management system 24-29
5. Motivational structure improvement of modern organizations as a factor of its sustainable development 30-34
6. Management instruments as an increasing factor of enterprises’ competitiveness of chemical industries 35-42
7. Social and environmental factors for the development of construction business in modernizing Russian economy 43-50
8. Foreign experience of territory management 51-53
9. Region as Object of Management and Control 54-59
10. Estimated probability of the industrial enterprise sustainable development 60-63
11. Mechanisms for the formation and control of holdings in Russia 64-67
12. Engineering process by construction of high-technology mining and smelting enterprises 68-75
13. The quality control of sports shoes intended for volleyball players in the hierarchy of current instruments of functioning of light industry economy 76-82
14. Innovative companies as a basis for the modern economy’s growth 83-90
15. Determination of the optimal investing variant in innovative project 91-95
16. Spatial aspects of agricultural production economic development in Altai territory 96-103
17. The role of the holdings in the sustainable development of the economy based on innovation 104-109
18. Formulating innovation strategies for industrial companies 110-115
19. Current trends of development of the market of educational services 116-118
20. Indicators of competitiveness of industrial complexes as a regional sustainable development criterion 119-123
21. Recommendations in development of agriculture of the Central Kazakhstan on the basis of creation of clusters 124-127
22. Formation of tax culture in Russia 128-133
23. Entwicklung des verwaltungssystems vom bauunternehmen aufgrund des controllingskonzepts 134-137
24. Problems of marketing approach to attraction of investments 138-143
25. Eurasian Economic Community and perspectives of Kyrgyz Republic membership in Custom Union 144-147
26. Analysis of the competitiveness of the pig-farming industry upon Russia’s entrance to the WTO 148-154
27. The objects and subjects of the standardization of accounting and reporting 155-158
28. Features of functioning of the tax systems in the context of globalization 159-164
29. Management of formation of complex strategy of innovative development of the industrial enterprise 165-168