Proceedings of the International Conference.
Austria, Salzburg, 28-30 April 2013
This collection includes materials of the international scientific conference » Of beaming and organization of effective functioning of innovation sphere of economy enterprise, industry, the complex», held in Austria, Salzburg, 28-30 April 2013 The main objective of the conference — the development of the community of scholars and practitioners in the economic sphere. The conference brought together scientists and experts from Russia, Dagestan, Sakha Republic, Kazakhstan.

ISBN 978-5-906223-29-6.

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1. Leasing as a tool of the State Program of Forced Industrial — Innovative Development of Kazakhstan 9-13
2. Analysis of the regional investment attractiveness with the use of avs-matrix 14-20
3. Strategies of development banking innovation 21-24
4. Application of innovative approaches in increase of investment appeal of municipal UNioNS 25-30
5. Modern problems of the banking system in Russia — small banks and major industrial enterprises 31-34
6. First step to build «new» team: creativity and innovation 35-37
8. Credit Scoring As a Part Of a Bank Innovation Strategy 45-49
9. Problems of management of innovative development of the tourist enterprise 50-54
10. Formation of Russian innovation system oriented on enterprises 55-57
11. Transfer pricing Review of legislation and practice in the CIS 58-64
12. The role of public economic policy in the innovative development of the banking sector of the regional economy 65-68
13. Prospects of using innovative technologies in banks 69-72
14. Economic organizational mechanism of business process management 73-76
15. Innovative and investment potential of Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 77-80
16. Developing the structure of innovation consulting and management as a part of the education quality management system 81-85
17. Competition development in the sphere placement of purchases 86-91
18. Budgeting as the innovative finance management method of a building company in the conditions of business scale growth 92-98
19. Innovative Waves in Socio-economic Systems 99-105
20. Mechanisms of innovative regional development in the framework of the new economic geography 106-111
21. Management of innovative activity of enterprises on the basis of a comprehensive methodology for assessing the sustainability 112-118
22. Innovation in banking area 119-122
23. Innovations in banking: problems and solutions 123-126
24. Economic fundamentals and the development of banking innovation in russia 127-130
25. Innovative development of agricultural sector 131-134
26. The role of banks in crediting innovative and investment projects 135-138
27. Innovative methods of state regulation of economic relations in the banking system 139-142
28. Trust and leasing as product innovations of commercial banks 143-146
29. Consequences and prospects of using innovative technologies in banks 147-150
30. Innovative approach to the organization of management of expenses in modern conditions of managing of the glass enterprises of the vladimir region 151-155
31. Estimation of innovative products commercialization efficiency using productivity index 156-159
32. Main sources of emergence for innovations in the agroindustrial firms 160-166
33. Development principles of innovation systems 167-172
34. Methods of measurement of intermunicipal integration communications 173-180
35. The features of budgeting’s construction for enterprises of electrical engineering industry 181-183
36. Innovative development of territories: domestic and foreign practice 184-191
37. Conceptual model of social-oriented tax loading at the nanolevel 192-196
38. The use of innovative technology software and forecasting of financial instruments 197-204
39. Strategic approaches to improving the functioning of the institutions of 205-208
40. Managing Resistance to Change in Terms of economics innovativeness 209-217
41. Features of innovations in trade 218-222
42. Innovative infrastructure: essence and value for an effective economic system of the country and the region (on an example: Russian Federation, Vladimir region) 223-230
43. Splinters of the Agrarian Civilization of Megalopolises 231-236
44. Eurasian Economic Community and perspectives of kyrgyz republic membership in Custom Union 237-240
45. Prospects for organization of the accounting management in a greenhouse 241-243
46. Approaches to Implementation of IFRS on Russian enterprises 244-247
47. Concept of Service Sphere Change Management: Innovative Aspect 248-256
48. The efficient management of innovative activities at universities in order to commercialize the innovative developments and technologies in enterprises of the Russian mineral — raw material complex 257-263
49. Инновационная структура бизнеса 264-267
50. Особенности действующей в России системы агролизинга 268-271