Proceedings of the International Conference.
Bulgaria, Sofia, 21-23 December 2013
This compilation includes the proceedings of the international conference « Problems and trends of economics and management in the modern world», held in Bulgaria, Sofia, 21-23 December 2013. The main objective of the conference — the development of the community of scholars and practitioners in the field of economy. The conference brought together scientists and experts from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

ISBN 978-5-906223-83-8

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1. Innovative approaches to the formation of human resources for science and education 6-13
2. Joint ventures of the Russian Federation — future integration 14-17
3. Actual Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility in Pharmaceutical Companies of Ukraine 18-23
4. Model of Social and Economic System of Territory 24-27
5. Dynamics and structure of fixed capital investmentsinthe economy of the northern regions of Russia 28-35
6. Sectoral features and the problems of evaluating the economic efficiency of formation and implementation of the investment policy at the example of oil and gas sector of economy 36-41
7. Quality management system as a factor of country’s economic development 42-48
8. Evaluation Indicators of Locomotive Repair Enterprise Activity when Implementing Quality Management System 49-51
9. Technique of the organization a corporate the analytical account residues of grain and its movement in the of cereals companies 52-58
10. Procedure of building a system of personnel management in an organisation 59-66
11. Financial controlling as a significant factor in the formation of the financial strategy of the company 67-72
12. The Cluster Approach in Russian Economic Development 73-79
13. Tools for the analysis of the corporate brand’s influence in e-media 80-84
14. Perfection of the Russian practice of valuation for nuclear power engineering enterprises 85-90
15. The impact of modernization and diversification of the production on the cost of products of the machine-building enterprise 91-101
16. Offshore tax planning as a cost saving way 102-105
17. The results of development institutions in single-industry areas 106-114
18. Supranational legal entities as a special form of doing business in the European Union 115-119
19. Investment Attractiveness as a Factor of Regional Development 120-126
20. Innovation university activity as a first rating condition of innovation development in Russia 127-133
21. Features of formation national brand «Russia» 134-139
22. Конкурентоспособность национальной экономики республики Таджикистан 140-151
23. Обучение персонала в сфере социально-культурного сервиса 152-155
24. Малый и средний бизнес в России и его роль в развитии инновационной экономики страны 156-173
25. Модернизации экономики и задачи по совершенствованию финансового рынка Таджикистана 174-184