Formation, operation and development of entrepreneurial structures in various forms, types and areas of economic activity


Сборник материалов международной научной конференции.

Hungary, Budapest, 24-26 March 2013.

This proceedings includes materials of the annual international conference 'Formation, operation and development of enterprise structures in different forms, types and areas of economic activity', held in Budapest, Hungary on 24-26 March 2013 The main objective of the conference - the development of the community of scientists and practitioners in the field of economy. The conference brought together scholars and practitioners from Russia, Bashkortostan, Kazakhstan.

Год издания: 2013

ISBN 978-5-906223-19-7

Издатель: МЦНИП

Категория: Сборники трудов конференций и симпозиумов

Область наук: Экономика управление финансы

1.The leasing market of Kazakhstan: current status, problems and prospects 9-13
2.Franchising and Commercial Concession: the Civil Aspects 14-17
3.Influence of enterprise culture on formation of the enterprise environment 18-21
4.Government regulation and support of entrepreneurial activity in the example public procurement in the Russian Federation 22-24
5.The Application of the Rational Environmental Management Principle in Business Activity 25-30
6.Assessment of efficiency and the main directions of development of the state support of small business in Russia 31-34
7.Attraction of investments in innovative development of machine-building enterprises 35-44
8.Dynamics study of the service and goods market in the Primorye Territory 45-49
9.Assessment of system of internal control of the foreign trade activity 50-53
10.Rebranding Application As Strategic Change At The Service Sphere Enterprises 54-60
11.Improvement of civil legislation concerning the regulation of bank accounts for the purpose of development and efficient business operation 61-66
12.Contractual ensuring innovative process in the Russian Federation 67-72
13.Importance of means of individualization in business 73-76
14.Development of financial risk management methodology 77-80
15.Analysis of nature of base notion “innovation activity” 81-84
16.The conversion of the early retirement system into professional pension insurance 85-87
17.The dependence of the growth of non-material assets on the costs of research and development 88-95

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