Problems and trends of economy and management in the modern world


Сборник материалов международной научной конференции.

Bulgaria, Sofia, 24.12.2012.

сборник включает в себя материалы ежегодной международной научной конференции «Проблемы и тенденции развития экономики и управления в современном мире», состоявшейся в Болгарии в г. Софии 22-24 декабря 2012 г. Главная цель конференции – развитие содружества ученых и практиков в сфере экономики. В работе конференции приняли участие ученые и практики из России, республик Коми Татарстан, Башкортостан, Кабардино-Балкарии, Карелии, Калмыкии, Мордовии, Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа, Северной Осетии, Германии, Италии, Казахстана, Украины, Узбекистана.

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Год издания: 2012


Издатель: МЦНИП

Категория: Сборники трудов конференций и симпозиумов

Область наук: Экономика управление финансы

1.Investment security in managerial system by industrial policy 19-25
2.Investment Portfolio Organization of Insurance Companies 25-29
3.The dynamic simulation of the building activity indicators at the level of administrative-territorial entities of the region (by the example of the Orenburg region) 29-34
4.Cluster Strategy of Regional Development 34-38
5.Management of Regional Investment Activity 38-41
6.Region as Administrative Subject of Socioeconomic Processes 41-48
7.Improving management effectiveness at modernizing personnel structure in Uzbekistan’s automobile industry companies 48-51
8.Conducting energysaving measures at social institutions on the basis of the introduction of renewable energy sources 51-59
9.Perspectives of the development of quality management and certification system in Uzbekistan’s industrial companies 59-62
10.Influence of the Central Bank on the liquidity of commercial banks in Russia 62-70
11.Issues of boosting corporate management effectiveness in electricity industry sector in the conditions of competitive economy 70-72
12.Key principles of corporate financial strategy development 72-80
13.Prospects of boosting effectiveness of regional market of fruit and vegetable products 80-84
14.Effective ways of using innovative marketing technologies in small scale business 84-88
15.Methods of using marketing research in developing insurance products 88-91
16.Theoretic Approaches to the Analysis of “Economy Mechanism” 91-98
17.Corruption as the main barrier of the regional investment attractiveness 98-102
18.Factors of development of regional investment and innovation projects in the bio-industry 102-106
19.The formation of a corporate borrower rating system 106-117
20.Banking and non-financial sector of Russian economy: the problem of disparity 117-123
21.Securitisation as a Precondition for the World Financial Economic Crisis Emergence 123-127
22.Spatial problems of the vocational education in Russia and their effect on innovation-based economy 127-131
23.The methodology for assessing the socio-economic development of border areas in the conditions of the integration transformations 131-139
24.The structure of the motives for choosing the profession of the HR - managers 139-147
25.The manager’s competences 147-152
26.Innovative development of municipal unions 152-156
27.Auditing the efficiency of the property management of local authorities 156-160
28.Stabilisation Fund as a part of financial system of Russia 160-162
29.Communication of social, ecological and economic system in development of ecological tourism in the territory of the Rostov region 162-166
30.The potential of the non-cash circulation in creating the conditions for sustainable development of the national payment system 166-169
31.Methodical supply of the staff training for the service sector 169-174
32.Economic growth of Russia’s northern regions influenced by the economic crisis 174-181
33.The concept of financial risks in the tourism industry 181-189
34.Special purpose program in the situation of reforming budget process 189-193
35.Education innovation is the objective necessary against the overcoming of the moral and ecological crisi 193-197
36.Advantages of developing the camping industry in the Russian Federation 197-201
37.The evolution of products on the market: five stages 201-208
38.Power-investment attractiveness of the territories and economic and power security 208-213
39.Optimal control for the process of innovative development in a production system 213-219
40.Providing of the optimal resource allocation in determining the direction of the countryside infrastructure development 219-222
41.Performance-based budgeting systems: Selected international experience 222-230
42.Transformation of regulation mechanisms of resource potential development processes of regions of Russia 230-234
43.Performance measurements and an impact of system features on its performance 234-241
44.Recreational values of the area 241-245
45.Methodological framework for the assessment and selection of the regional cluster projects 245-250
46.Problems of Corporate Entrepreneurship Functioning under Conditions of Participation of Ukraine in World Trade Organization 250-258
47.Foresight in the Russian regions 258-262
48.Innovation potential indicators of the clusters 262-265
49.Institutional transformation of the agrarian sector in Ukraine 265-272
50.Monitoring of strategic climate state in Russia according to data from information and analytical institutions and problems of its evaluation 272-279
51.Social capital as a factor of effective activity of the insurance company 279-283
52.The effectiveness of collaboration based on repeated interaction (on the stock market) 283-288
53.Specific risks of consumers of insurance services in the reorganization of the insurance business in Russia 288-294
54.Calculation indices in analyses of regional investment policy efficiency 294-300
55.The main trends and prospects of the international trade of Russian wood and fiber processing products 300-305
56.Study on the depth of penetration of ICT in the educational process as a necessary precondition for economic modernization 305-313
57.Application of models of communication and information operations PR 313-318
58.Evaluation method of the industrial enterprise innovative potential on the basis of the objectives matrixes 318-322
59.The economic integration groupings experience and EAEU strategy 322-329
60.About one approach to definition of errors of forecasting 329-333
61.Ways of competition development in the banking sector of the Russian Federation 333-337
62.The Economy Number 337-344
63.Technological platforms formation on the basis of competence approach 344-348
64.Estimating impact of innovative technologies on labor productivity in kazakh farming: the case of wheat production 348-357
65.Social and economic importance of workers’ health as a factor of accumulation of the human capital of the enterprise 357-363
66.Analysis of agricultural enterprises economic activity as a main factor of competitive strategies working and increasing agro-industrial branches and enterprises functioning efficiency 363-370
67.The practices of formation of the institutions that regulate the functioning of the national systems of public private partnership 370-376
68.Current problems of the pension system reform in the Russian Federation 376-382
69.Ways of State Support of Innovative Development 382-386
70.Potential of the mobile platforms in the bank business development 386-390
71.The process of managing tax capacity 390-397
72.Elaboration algorithm of marketing scenarios for the region’s social economic development 397-404
73.Trends and Prospects of Social Systems Development of Russian Regions North 404-407
74.Structural analysis of modern university educational service 407-414
75.Cluster Efficiency Criteria When Evaluating the PublicPrivate Partnership Projects 414-418
76.The algorithm of a comparative estimation of the basic forms of financing 418-424
77.The development of tourist centers: priority quality of living 424-428
78.Mortgage landing as a tool of investments attraction 428-432
79.'Intellectualization' as a method of both energy efficiency and safety improvement of houses around the world 432-436
80.The Role of BRICS in the economic development of XXIcentury. The Integration and the development of the “South – South” direction 436-440
81.Virtual forms of business and their stability in modern conditions 440-447
82.Some problems of efficient cooperation management between federal and regional health care organizations rendering medical care to the population of Russia 447-452
83.The effect of synergy in regional programs realization (by the Vladimir Region practice) 452-456
84.Subject-matter of the rural area as an object of the federal and regional administration 456-463
85.Accountants’ professional judgment: features of application in IFRS and Russian accounting practice 463-467
86.Power Industry of Russia - conceptually and logistics terminology and historical foundations of the reforms 467-471
87.Main strategies of content adaptation: concepts and implementation features 471-482
88.To a question of concept “Economic safety of the state” 482-485
89.Types of Company Value and Peculiarities of Their Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions 485-489
90.Problems of innovative development company towns (example of Sverdlovsk Region) 489-496
91.Procreation capital: west economy second chance 496-504
92.Water resources as a limiting factor for the development of Siberian cities: problems, trends and assessment 504-514
93.Challenges of the Marine Economic Activity in the Economic Area of the Arctic Region 514-517
94.Theory of personnel motivation in Russia: case study 517-525
95.Investigation of features in motivation of youth labor at present situation 525-530
96.Innovative activity at the enterprises of service sector 530-537
97.Application of the US small innovative business model in case of research and education center 'Teploenergetika' 537-541
98.“Road mapping” of regional programs and projects management system (by the Vladimir region practice) 541-545
99.The place and role of project management in the field of health and fitness services 545-550
100.Role of Competitiveness of RF Market Territorial Subjects in Country Competitiveness Providing 550-556
101.Problematics of interest’s adaptation between regional authority and private or foreign investors in Sakhalin oil and gas industry 556-563
102.The part and the place of monopolies in the innovation development of the Russian Economy 563-568
103.Investment potential of industrial complex region’s development 568-576
104.Regional clusters in modern economy 576-580
105.Promoting investment flows in the poorest countries 580-583
106.Optimization of infrastructure of development of small business as main means of increase of efficiency of the state support in the Khanty-Mansiysk autonomous okrug – Ugra 583-586
107.Development of the tourism in Kazakhstan 586-590
108.Domestic tourism as perspective area of Kazakhstan economics 590-594
109.Development of Vertically Integrated Structures in Russian Agrarian Production Sector 594-598
110.Companies’ competitiveness and factors affecting it 598-601
111.Glocalization as a Global Tendency of the World Development 601-605
112.The Role of Russian Far East Sea Ports in the System of «East-West» International Transport Corridors 605-609
113.Marketing in a fashion industry. Development tendencies of modern market of fashion clothes: it’s structure, moving forces, trend’s orientation 609-616
114.Innovation activity of entrepreneurship in Russia: formation conditions and problems 616-624
115.Static characteristics of the power losses in induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor 624-632
116.Economic Diplomacy of the PRC 632-635
117.Economic mechanism of managing nature conservation activities of enterprises 635-643
118.Basic problems of Russian management development 643-646
119.Incentives to increase the tax capacity of the region 646-651
120.Childcare and economic activity of mothers in Russia 651-655
121.The modern trends of the development of interregional economic relations Shevlokova T.A. 655-660
122.Tendencies of a youth labor market of the Republic of Tatarstan 660-666
123.Prospects of electric power industry’s development of the Republic Sakha (Yakutia) 666-674
124.Operational management of financial risks in the enterprises of the real sector 674-682
125.The processes of territorial integration of the Ural regions: problems and development prospects 682-692
126.Methodological framework for the assessment of functioning of innovation systems 692-698
127.The Model of High-level Management Competencies in an organization 698-705
128.Problems of the investment tax credit: Russian and foreign practice 705-708
129.Production and consumption of che ese in the Volgograd Region 708-715
130.Risks and prospects of economic development of Russia and regions within the limits of the WTO 715-723
131.Strategic guidelines of modernization elements of industrial infrastructure in the region 723-729
132.Development mathematical and informative modeling processes of geomechanical complexes 729-735

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